The more i wonder, the more i love
 We had a great week! It was adventurous. There was a massive ice storm that hit Barrie on the first day of Winter so that was a nice sign of things to come. There was enormous icicles hanging from the roof and there was ice everywhere! Power was out in Toronto and there was many places without heating and lighting. Thankfully, power in Barrie was still running and everything was fine. Roads are pretty slippery though
I have a new missionary companion. He’s from Cardston Alberta, a small town of 3000 and 90% of it are members of the church so he pretty much grew up in the church his whole life. He’s a great guy and he’s really excited to be in Barrie. Hopefully we’ll work well together and all will be well! 
Christmas week is finally here! A bunch of us missionaries are getting together to head downtown and carol! Hopefully no one can hear our bad singing through the wind. Its gonna be a blast. We also caroled at some homes yesterday. It was wonderful and they were really nice to us giving us treats.Christmas time is really the best time of the year, everyone is happy and in a wonderful mood. 
Something i’m also really excited for this week is to get together with several missionary companionships and read the 4 Gospels in the Bible. It tells the birth and life of Christ and its also a good opportunity to create some bonding over Christ and popcorn 😀
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! stay warm and remember to smile 😀
here’s a great christmas video to cheer everyone up 😀
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