Transfer 10 Week 3 – The year is ending!!!

so if you’ve died and crossed the stream before us, we pray that angels met you on the shore – Danny Boy , Vocal Point

BYU’s Vocal Point’s rendition of Danny Boy is my song of the moment. I really love the message it shares. It talks about a father struggling to share his feelings with his departing son. Its great. Check it out on youtube. 
We had a great Christmas day. We got together and read the 4 Gospels in the new testament. It was pretty fitting because it talks alot about Christ and his ministry. 
At Christmas time, some members and us went to a nearby prison to entertain the inmates with a variety. I kinda went with mixed feelings for many of them were in there for rape and murder with no chance of parole. It was a wonderful night but as soon as we entereed the grey walls of the prison, it was as though i had entered another world. The silence was deafening and the sound of metal clanging against metal was the only thing that shattered the its stillness. I honestly felt depressed and it was i was locked in a grey unforgiving tomb. 
As we walked to the great hall, i imagined the inmates to be hard, cruel and devoid of happiness. I was rather scared. We were let to the hall and sitting on the chairs were the criminals. They were aged 18-30 and they hardly had the looks of cruelty normally associated with hardened criminals. 
We presented our show and as it drew to a finish, we sang some happy christmas carols. At this point, everyone was pretty overcome with emotion. Here it was, men with their fate pretty much sealed singing their hearts out. 
“All is calm, All is bright…sleep in heavenly peace”.. 
Many men whom i unfairly stereotyped were devoid of emotion, broke down and cried. A huge man at the back sang his heart out with tears streaming down his face. 
As we left, leaving the tall walls behind, i thought of freedom, liberty and choices, i was glad for the experience, glad i could return home to my family and i learnt that although we have the agency or power to choose, it is the consequences we have to bear regardless of choice. How grateful i was to know teaching that lead to freedom and happiness 🙂
Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. It leads to January which is incidentally named after Janus, the Roman God. Its a time for reflection and making appropriate changes. This year i want to sigh less and love more despite the surroundings that are around sometime.
Have a happy new year! 😀
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