Transfer 10 Week 4 – New Years, Canadian Weather and a legacy in Canada

If its meant to be, It will be

I know i talk about it alot but the weather here in Canada continues to blow my mind. It’s crazy! A few days ago it was -32 with the wind chill. Haha Thank goodness we were in a meeting that lasted 6 hours. The hours spent outside were brutal though.
That night, we were awoken with loud bangs all round. First thought i had in my 2am stupor was 1) Gunshots 2) Trees were collapsing on our apartment (even though we were 14 floors up). Turns out they were frost quakes. Water, trapped in the cracks in the earth freeze up and when the pressure gets too much, they simply explode. Freaky. 
The weather isnt too bad today, its a cool -2 degrees but there’s 2 feet of snow and a foot more to come. haha, oh well.
This week, I found out this lady whom i met way back in Jan 2013 named her baby after my buddy and I! Richard Casey Mcmullen…Not going to lie, It was AWESOME. My legacy on lives in Canada forever! 😀
Anyway, this week, i spent some time making new year resolutions. I decided to share some here because it’ll motivate me to actually keep them knowing anyone reading this is going to keep me accountable
This year I will 
1) Not think or judge, just listen
2) Stop using the word “hate”. It’s ugly
3) Develop humility
4) Try new things and never take regret but rather live in the now. 
5) Keep loved ones close
6) Never let the things i want make me forget the things i already have
It really was a great week. I learnt alot about myself and others and I hope yours was awesome too!
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