Transfer 10 Week 5 – The Amish and the Axe

We don”t even have to try, its always a good time! 🙂 – Adam Young
It was such a great week for learning and experiencing new cultures and lifestyles. This week, I went up to Owen Sound where i met Joe and Becky W. They live very simply out in the farmlands but thats totally expected because they are Amish! 
Prior to our meeting, the only things i knew about Amish were that they ride horse buggys and are very traditional. What little things i knew. It really was a trip back in time, they dont use technology and electricity in their home and they are very very self sustaining. If we think about it, we are so used to washing machines, refrigerators but they can still live without all these equipment. I was so intrigued. 
They live on 150 acres on land and they grow their own crops. Joe and Becky have 5 children aged 1, 3 , 5 ,10 and 12 and they put all their more modern peers to shame. I was watching 5 year old Anna peel a bucket of potatoes with a paring knife and 10 year old Katie was showing me how to make sausages by hand…
We were there to help a member butcher a pig which was killed the night before. We minced 40 pounds of meat, stuffed them into lamb fat for sausages and smoked them. We also cut up the pig into ham, bacon, ribs, pork chops and cutlets. It was awesome. We had to use a hacksaw to bust through the bones. It was a great experience.  Following our messy escapades, the kids enthusiastically cleaned everything up without any prompting. 
I have so much respect for the Amish community. The children are not bogged down by iPads and electronics that envelop society these days. They communicate openly with each other and are polite and well mannered. I was really impressed. It isnt something i can do for life but it was definitely an eye opener for me. 
We had some of the sausages and the ribs for dinner and man, it was the best food i’ve had in a long time. Food somehow always tastes better when you have a small part making it. It always helped that 24 hours earlier to me eating them, that pig was still alive haha
Another interesting experience i had this week. I was breaking up thick ice with a heavy sledgehammer/axe. I was holding it by its handle with the axe blade facing me as i was putting it back when i felt i should reverse it and have the head pointing downwards.. not heeding it, i walked on when i felt it strongly again. Flipping it around, i reached up to place it back when i slipped and the handle smacked me really hard on the jaw. I had a small gash from the impact..It took me a while to realise  if i didnt flip the axe around, i wouldve had way more than a small gash. It was a “look up to the sky and say a silent prayer” moment. 
I can’t believe its the last week of the transfer. I hope i stay in Barrie! Great things happen here! 🙂
Have a good week!

How did Moses make his tea? Hebrewed it……..

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