Transfer 11 -FREECAKE! NEWTRANSFE​R! &&im still in barrie!

The crowning characteristic of love is loyalty – Jeffrey R Holland


It was a great week here in Barrie and i’m so happy that im staying! My missionary companion is gone to Oshawa though and i’m getting a new one, His name is E.Garside and he’s from Edmonton. He’s half Japanese so we are def excited to get the Asian persuasion going on. I worked around him my first few months out when he was in Don Valley and I was in Markham and he’s awesome so i’m really excited.
I found a neat restaurant called Fresh A Fare and they have a promotion where they give out free carrot cake to the diner who comes from the furthest location. hahaha guess who won ^^
14,000 km baby! hahaha i beat the last guy from Afghanistan by 4000km. The carrot cake was really good. Things somehow taste better when they are free. And being the freeloading Singaporean, i want to go back again. haha
We’re meeting with a whole bunch of people from all over the world. There’s this guy, his name is RED (probably short for something) and he’s from India, His dad is a multimillionare with a Bugatti at home.. its pretty cool. haha Another guy we’re seeing is from Egypt and he’s muslim!
“In other news, it was so cold last week! We were walking around and my breath froze to my jacket and baby icicles were hanging off my eyelashes. it was crazy! but man, what an experience 😀
Heard its gonna be colder this week. IM SO EXCITED! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Stuff your face with pineapple tarts and loveletters 🙂 Eat some on my behalf 😀
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