Transfer 11 Week 2 – GONGHEIFAT​TCHOY!

Gongxi Gong xi Gong xi ni ah! Gongxi Gong xi Gong xi ni ah!  – song i sang in Primary school…..

Happy Chinese New Year!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful time eating and spending time with family! There’s been a lot of changes. I was slightly bummed i didnt get to move to a more chinese concentrated area but i love Barrie anyway. Mom sent me some CNY treats so i really shouldnt be complaining 🙂 E.Garside took over E.Williams here in Barrie and he’s awesome. He’s half Japanese so its a great asian occasion everyday here.
Speaking of transfers, i really love heading down to the Brampton Stake Centre, the central location for transfers. Not only is it in full view of the temple but you really get to see old friends and new missionaries. Its so neat so see people from so many different nations meet together. There was a missionary from Cook Islands and another one from St Genis Pouilly in France. She thought me some useful french phrases which might be useful in the future. haha I also met a youtube singer/now missionary from Australia. It was great! 
We went to our monthly meeting with the mission president and he gave a couple of good instructions and one of which was activity vs achievement. Its so easy to be busy but its another thing to be effective with our time and our talents. When we reap quality, we sow quality. 
We met with a wonderful recent convert family that have stopped coming out to church and i guess been stagnant spiritually. A reason they stopped is because they felt that life hasnt gotten easier since they joined but instead its gotten even harder. Dad lost his job, their car motor blew up amongst all the other calamities Its a really hard pill to swallow and everyone at church asks about them. We stopped by last night and shared with them the story of Joseph Smith. Throughout his life, he was persecuted. He was dragged out of his own house from his newborn children and wife and tarred and feathered, he was hunted from state to state, unfairly thrown in jail on false charges and ultimately murdered in a country that proclaimed religious freedom. He had a rough life and it was so easy for him to deny everything as fiction but he couldnt deny what he saw and what he knew was the truth. He never did because he had that eternal perspective. We look back to the life of Christ and he never had it easy. He is that perfect example and so how can it be easy then for us if it wasnt easy for him.
The wonderful promise at the end of D&C 122 rang true “Fear not what man can do because God is with thee forever and ever”
Difficult times are for our benefit, we look back to them and see the growth that come because of it. Its easy to stop doing what is right and look at things with tunnel vision but when we look from 30,000 feet up at the bigger picture we see things that perhaps we wouldve never noticed before. 
A rebirth from adversity causes us to become new and better and thats the purpose of them. To endure to the end and through the refiners fire to become who we are supposed to be.
Theres a wonderful story i heard the other day that i wanted to share. 
Once, there was a sickly man Bill, who was approached by God. 
God said “Bill, i need your help, i want you to push that huge stone over there down by the garden”
Obviously, when approached by God, one tries not to turn him down and Bill responded positively.
Bill went on to push the boulder as hard he could. He pushed all day and all night for days on end but the rock refused to move. 
Bill started to get discouraged, adversity started to set in and Satan appeared to Bill telling him he was useless and he wouldnt amount to anything..
Crying out to God he asked for help, he was upset “you told me to move this rock and obviously you knew that i couldnt. why did you tell me to do something i couldnt”
God replied “I never told you to move the rock i simply told you to push it and now, i will move the rock but look at yourself, you have endured and built up strength, you have cultivated patience and endurance and are now better than you were”
Life is meant for improvement! Make it a great week 🙂
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