Transfer 11 Week 3 – Valentines day and Cookie Catastroph​es

I find it particularly difficult washing sieves


I hope the past week has been wonderful for you as it was for me! Valentines Day is in full swing and for some reason its a big thing here in Canada and while i have mixed feelings on it, i wont say no to a celebration and it brings a nice spirit. Almost like Christmas! 🙂
At church this week, we were talking about families and how we are all aiming for that perfect zen. In my opinion i feel achieving that zen is near impossible. On one hand we aim for a stress free life, on the other side of this dichotomy, we stress ourselves out striving for it. The paradox is evident and is really hard if not impossible to overcome. However, i feel the fundamentals of living which include placing family at number one allows us to be closer at achieving that balance. 
What i love about Valentines day is that the spirit of love is in the air and i think families are so essential. Knowing that we can be with our families forever is huge! Till death do you part doesnt exist anymore but rather, knowing that families are eternal takes away the sting from death and it makes a funeral a celebration of life rather than a mourning. Valentines Day is so much more than loving the significant other, its children loving parents and vice versa, its loving strangers and people you just met, its loving life. And why should it be confined to just friday? We need to start living and stop existing 😀 
I found a wonderful statement by Boyd K Packer
“A declaration of love. The romantics and poets and couples in love from the beginning of time have sought more impressive ways of saying it, or singing it, or writing it. They have used all the adjectives, all the superlatives, all manner of poetic expression and when all is said and done, the declaration which is most powerful is the simple, three word variety”
here’s a funny story, 
We were making cookies for the Sister Training Leaders and i was wondering both times why they were so salty. Turns out some cheeky missionary mixed sugar and salt together in a bag that said sugar so when you try a little bit, you only taste the sugar but when you try a bit more the salt kicks in. argh. Masterchef fail. Anyway, the only other frustrating thing was the cleanup. I really find it particularly difficult washing sieves. 
haha! have a great week! Love everyone! even strangers 🙂
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