Transfer 11 Week 4 -Valentine​s Day in Canada, Tiling Basements and “magic” diets


I had a really good week. The week kicked off with us helping Alex and his family with his basement. He had a bad infection on his leg and requested our assistance. We went over and helped him tile his floor. I had to cut up the tiles and cement them on the floor. It was something i’ve never done before but is apparently very common in Canada because while materials are cheap, labour is expensive so alot of families simply build their home/basements themselves. It was hard at first because of the precision involved and i admittedly broke a few tiles at the beginning but it was all good. I now have cement stains on my knees as a testament to my hard work 😀
This week, i also met a missionary that just started her mission and she looked super familiar and it took a while but i used to follow her channel on youtube where she was a really good singer. Its weird, i didnt even know she was LDS but its great! she was really surprised i followed her and told me to not tell anyone but here i am telling everyone back home 🙂 haha 
This week, we met with Sean and his family and they are on the Sacred heart diet! Apparently its supposed to help you lose 10-17 pounds in a week. hahaha so this week we are going to try it. It involves eating alot of vegetables, soup, fruits and protein. Its not going to be “pure” in a sense because we are getting fed by members alot but theres no harm trying it out anyway. 
Valentine’s day was a few days ago and we were walking around and everyone seemed to have either a date/flowers/a box of chocolates. It was really depressing so we left the area. haha The effects of Valentines Day carried on till saturday. We were walking to the car when a very inebriated girl burst out of her house wearing very little on a very cold morning and yelled “HEY! ARE YOU GUYS LAWYERS GOING TO COURT? YOU LOOK REALLY SMART” she looked at us blankly while we laughed really hard before her boyfriend came out, gave us a sheepish look and dragged her back in.
oh! the joy of missionary work! 
Have a good week! 🙂
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