Transfer 11 Week 5 – Sushi Stereotype​s , #WEAREWINT​ER, Smoking is hard to give up

We are waiting for the lights and the thunder, for our dreams to turn into colour – Krewella (I think)

It was a really good week here in the snowy wastelands of Canada 🙂
We are meeting with Chandu, he’s from India and he’s great!!! He’s super humble and really willing to make the appropriate changes in his life. Prior to meeting with us, he smoked approximately 30 cigarettes a day and now he only smoked 6 the whole of last week. He can feel the difference both physically and spiritually as he kept his commitments. He has the most sincere prayers ever and it makes me super grateful to be out here. Man, i always have so so much respect for people that give up addictions. The discipline and commitment they have is beyond me.
We talked to alot of people this week and its always interesting to see the responses people give. Things like people mistaking us for JWs are classic and you cannot believe how often people tell us they are on long distance phone calls. Oh and something that always seems to happen is people pulling in to their driveway as we are leaving…. bah. i love awkward situations haha. 
I was on exchange in Owen Sound this week with E. Fernandez. He’s a good kid. haha. He used to have epilepsy and takes pills for his seizures. We had an interesting conversation 
“Yeah i take pills for my seizures..”
“oh whens the last time you had one?”
“Last night”
“Yeah i had 3 pills before I slept”
I felt really silly but it was hilarious none the less. haha 
This week, there was a wonderful family that invited us to join them in an All you can eat sushi buffet! Being Asian, my missionary companion and I would like to think we each have relatively high standards when it comes to sushi and we were joking about the stereotypes that come with most Canadians when it comes to sushi. 
“It’ll just be teriyaki everything and the odd handroll.” 
Laughing about it as most stereotypes are untrue, we went our merry way for dinner. We were a couple of minutes late and they were there and helped us order our food. 
“We’re gonna start with a salad, we ordered some short ribs, teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken, some sweet potato rolls, 
my eyes got wider and wider and i struggled to contain my giggles as he read on…
…cucumber and avocado sushi, a love roll (??), cheese wantons..chicken balls…”
Ah. some stereotypes are true. hahaha
Have a good week!!
PS: Canada won the hockey gold at the olympics, the nation is going crazy. 
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