Transfer 11 Week 6 – 100 Car accident, Blitzkreig in Barrie, March of Miracles

#Thisisourplayground – Canada’s winter olympic slogan

Happy March!! Another more closer to the start of spring. The winter has been really bad and the locals have been saying its been years since the weather been like this. 
We literally almost died last week. We were at an intersection waiting to turn left and there was a truck coming in the opposite direction. All was dandy until he started losing control, fishtailing and spinning. The frightening thing was that we were right in his path! Both of us just sat there in silence/shock with our mouths agape. There was nothing we could do, we couldnt rapidly accelerate because our tires wouldve simply spun out and caused us to lose control so we just sat there and stared. Thankfully, the truck regained control. A couple of meters more and he wouldve creamed us.
The excitement NEVER ceases here in Canada. On Thursday, we had a crazy snow squall that caused severe whiteouts on the streets. Whiteouts happen when heavy winds blow snow on the snow banks all over. It literally robs you of your vision and all you see is white. Visability gets reduced down to 8 feet and when you’re travelling on a freeway where everyone travels at 100km/h. Accidents happen. Hence, on thursday, there was a 96 car pile up on the main expressway. Thankfully, we werent involved but we definitely heard about it. 
I’m so thankful that I’ve been kept relatively safe during this winter. Being from Singapore and not having driven on snow in my lifetime, its been a rather harrowing experience slipping and sliding around especially when we dont have winter tires but im so grateful for the protection and calmness of mind that has been given in times of various need. 
In other less exciting but still wonderful news, the zone did such a wonderful job last reporting week. There had been such a relaxed culture of mediocrity the last month and its something we addressed at the most recent training the past week. We told them flatly that they were here because they were trusted and they had a work to do. We told them not to let themselves, the people they talk to, the people they left behind and most importantly, God down. There was so much at stake and idling wasting time has such great consequences.
In order to get them motivated, We came up with a plan to ensure that the far areas dont feel neglected. Calling it the Blitzkreig, its about travelling to other areas to help them boost their confidence and help them be excited. Once missionaries get their areas up and running, they can blitz a struggling area. We presented it to them and THEY ATE IT UP. And on Sunday during reporting, everyone did so many better than the week before. Its awesome! I’m excited for March its gonna be miraculous, I will definitely keep everyone posted on how it goes. 
Oh and we found a crockpot in our apartment. Does anyone have any good recipes?? 🙂 email me at 
Keep on keeping on!!
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