Transfers have come and gone and…I’m leaving beautiful Barrie and I’m going to be leading the Weston zone in the Etobicoke (silent ke) North area! It’s just outside the Toronto area but lots of people live there and its still pretty popping. I’m being paired with E.Binford, a missionary i’ve only heard great things about. He’s from California and probably has common sentiments about the winter woes. I’m really pumped to go down to the Weston zone and see everything that it has in store for me. I heard the work and the people are amazing down there. Im stoked!
I had the wonderful opportunity to meet some chinese people here in my last week in Barrie. Such a great suprise because you hardly see asians up here because of how north it is. They had us over for some dumplings and stirfry. Ah wonderful chinese food warms the cockles of my heart. haha
We had such nice warm weather this week.A high of 4 degrees. It was sunny and amazing. I love how its all relative. There were people running around in tshirts and jeans but when you still think about it, 4 degrees is freeeezing but when you’re used to -30. 4 degrees is like a sauna 🙂 It was great relief though. This winter is extraordinarily long and its only supposed to warm up at the end of April. haha.
This week, we went up to Orillia to help blitz the area there and it was sweet. I love leaving my area temporarily to see other places and to help other areas. We saw so many wonderful things and met such sweet people.
There has been a whole focus on family history recently and i love how the church places such great emphasis on families. The knowledge that family relations and marriages are eternal and not simply for the life is such a comfort to have. Because of the love for families, is such a essential tool for the unity of families. We have such a huge database on families from Europe especially, Its a great way to initiate conversation with people and it helps me realise how much i have to do with regards to my own family history work. I was talking to Shirley A, one of the avid volunteers at the family history center here and she goes back to 1200 BC. Its wild.
This week was also E Garside’s birthday. Because he’s half japanese, i took him to have Ajisai (translates to flower apparently) in Barrie. It was great. Granted it wasnt sushi from downtown Tokyo but it was still nonetheless impressive for a landlocked town. Funny story, we were sitting there eating sushi when two really big guys who looked like they just came from the gym sauntered in and started boasting about how they were going to eat so much and put Ajisai out of business..etcetc. They rapidly ordered food and we just watched as waves and waves of colourful sushi slowly began to dot their table. Evantually, their speed slowed, their eyes glazed but it was hilarious how they tried to keep their manhood by not admitting their either of them were getting full. We left before they finished but the table was still packed with sushi and they were turning green in the face. Haha. Lesson learnt. Don’t bite of more than you can chew 🙂
i dont really have much to talk about but im really pumped to be back in the city. Ill let you know how it that goes!
Have a fun week!
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