Transfer 12 Week 2 – Etobicoke and Sayur Lodeh

The week was mainly spent settling in Etobicoke. There was alot of be done.. The apartment was a train wreck. There was things everywhere. Oranges in the fridge could no longer be called oranges cause they were green with mould. Chicken that expired in June was still sitting there festering and dishes that contained food from the cretaceous still sat in the sink..yes we had a lot of to. 
It feels weird being back in Toronto. There are so many people. After being away from the city for 8 months it feels weird coming back. Etobicoke is on the outskirts of the main city and there are people from all over the world. Places like namibia and Sierra Lionne come to mind. I love it because everyone is so humble and so accommodating and friendly to us. We were being hustled the other day and some big black guy came to our aid and gave us his number and told us if anyone messes with us to give him a call. haha its great. Everyone we’re seeing comes from a different country, names like Blessing and Favour are commonplace. Its great 🙂 There are probably more black people than there are white people! its such a change from Barrie but im enjoying it nonetheless. 
I had Guyanese food the other day. It was really similar to indian food/local food honestly. she made us Roti Prata  (OH YEAAAAAAAAAH) and some chicken curry which was similar to Sayur Lodeh.  It was wonderful. My missionary companion didnt really like it but i was really content. 
Im serving with E Binford! Hes from California and is some soccer star. He set the MTC record for most juggles with a football. Hes really good. He’s a transfer younger than me but we work pretty well together! 🙂 
I love transfers because i get to see all the other missionaries. I’ve served in 7 areas and 7 zones now. the nice thing about it is that i get to know a lot of missionaries! This time all the June 2013 Toronto Missionaries were there. I love them all so much and i wish i could serve with them but that probably wont happen. Ah well. ive attached a picture! 🙂
Time flies, its already march. almost april. E.Bednar and E Soarress are coming to the mission next saturday. IM SO EXCITED! 
Have a good week!
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