Transfer 12 Week 3 – Wonderful

It is a great time to be here in the Canada Toronto MIssion.

I met with a young family from Namibia this week. They have a 3 week old baby. I always wondered why babies light up a room. My missionary companion and I had a discussion about it and we mentioned how babies, not only are they cute but have such an innocent, perfect spirit. Our spirit recognizes that and connects that with light and truth which is maybe why we are always drawn to young children.

I also met some chinese people… who were from Jamica so it was strange hearing a chinese lady speak in a thick Jamican accent. haha

Anyway, We had a visit from David A Bednar on saturday. For those unfamiliar with David A Bednar, its a similar magnitude to having Obama attend your birthday party and sing you a birthday song. It was a historic day as for the first time in mission history, we had the entire mission, all 300 missionaries gathered in one room for the special mission conference. It was craaazy. I saw old friends and it was wonderful seeing everyone and catching up. The meeting lasted 3 hours but it only felt like it took 30 minutes. I loved how he broke the ice immediately by telling us not to take unnecessary notes because 1) We never review them 2) We lose them and 3) He wants to see our faces not our heads. haha. I loved the content he brought in. He told us that how everything in life is meant to be acted or acted upon. Objects for instance are acted upon but we are agents (felt like James Bond for a minute) and we have the agency to choose whether we want to do something or we dont. The same principle lies on the people we meet. He emphasized we shouldnt force people to do things or ask them questions looking for a specific answer because that is robbing people of their agency.

Because faith is a true principle of action, we teach people to develop that faith and invite them to act. The pattern he used to teach us is really something i wanted to learn and emulate. He noted that teaching is all about observing and listening, its not about saying what we want to say but rather not knowing what to say and listening intently and forming our response based on their responses, its much more difficult but its so much more effective.

We had a QnA session at the end and there were so many good questions. how do we develop a great self control within ourselves and why is change so important were examples of questions that peppered the session.

One of my favourite moments was from a small shy missionary at the back. He said that there was many things happening back home and he was really struggling being away from family at the moment and there are so many times he just wanted to give up and he asked for some advice to cope with it. It was a tender moment as E Bednar smiled and walked off the stage to the back of the hall and embraced the missionary for a whole minute telling him that he loves him, God loves him and he can do it. A blanket of warmth and peace descended on everyone there and there werent many dry eyes after.
It was such a magical experience and its something i treasure greatly.

I feel so much joy. I am so thankful for the things and experiences I’ve felt. Im no longer afraid of being lost because the journey back almost always reverts back to something new that is ultimately good for the soul.
Have a good week! 🙂
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