Transfer 12 Week 4 – So much food, singing and a fire

Great great week. Last preparation day was a blast. We had the entire Weston zone, all 24 missionaries gathered together in a gym for zone sports. We played soccer and kill ball which is a variant of dodgeball where instead of it being a team sport, its a free for all. Much hilarity and laughter ensued. It was a great bonding activity for everyone. I feel unity is so important as missionaries. Frankly speaking, as missionaries in Canada, we dont have many friends outside of the church. People walk to the other side of the road when they see us walking towards them and we get unkind words hurled at us frequently so having some time together as a zone is really refreshing 😀 Today, a bunch of us are going for all-you-can-eat pseudo Chinese food where the dim sum resemble rocks and sweet and sour is the base for everything 🙂
The food escapades continue when on Tuesday we had the Relief Society’s birthday celebration! For the uninformed, The Relief Society is a philanthropic and educational women’s organisation of the church and it is the largest and oldest women’s organisation in the world! Being in Toronto, the theme for this year’s birthday was Cultures and foods from all over the world. It was great. We had the usual  There were foods from places i’ve never even heard of. Wheres Turks and Caicos island?!
We met a Pentecostal pastor with 7 children the other day. we helped him unload racks of bread from a moving truck into his kitchen. Turns out he opened the first African Canadian Food Bank and he has been a preacher for the past 15 years travelling around the world. He orginated in Nigeria but has lived in places like Libya and Cuba and the Bahamas. It was really cool meeting him. Not sure how receptive he will be to the Restoration but we’ll see eh. it makes for an exciting meeting. 
We finally managed to head out to the Toronto Temple this weekend and maaan it was great seeing the missionaries and also attending the temple. Its SO serene and peaceful inside and you just want to sit there and meditate forever. There was also a new video! 😀 In HD too. haha 
We were with the Mississauga district the other day and they had the bright idea of trying to find more people. We trooped out to the biggest mall in Mississauga and started singing songs. Man, we got so many stares but it was so much fun because people really appreciated it and there was a lady who said she was having the worst day of her life but felt uplifted watching us sing. It was great! It also helped that everyone was a really good singer and i could just mouth along 😀 
There was a fire near our apartment at like 10pm. There was scores of fire trucks and it was really exciting watching them in action. We were a slight distance away but we could still see the flames dancing on the poor familys roof. We drove by the next morning and only their roof and part of their upper level was burnt so the firemen really did a good job. 
Im so excited for the upcoming week. We have Mission Leadership Council and Zone Training coming up and to top the week, we are having General Conference! whoo. Its like the superbowl for missionaries. Check it out! you wont regret it 🙂
Have an awesome week!
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