Transfer 12 Week 5 – God’s Love & a busy week

“Preach the gospel, and if necessary use words” – St Francis of Assisi
I had such a crazy week. It was so busy with meetings and administrative things to do, i had hardly anytime to do missionary things in my area. Last preparation day, we played volleyball and i’m probably the worst volleyball player in existence. I flailed around helplessly trying to keep the ball alive…i should probably stick to tennis.
Had exchanges on tuesday, it was really.. intense for lack of better words. Without giving away too much information, i was paired up with a missionary that has really lost his motivation and desire to work. It was hard. I love him to death and it was difficult watching him feel this way. He’s wasting precious time, money and learning opportunities. We stayed up late pillow talking and me mainly listening to him. While it saddens me, im grateful that he trusts me enough to confide in me. Leadership brings a slew of opportunities and it also brings the unwanted burden of being the leader. Many missionaries put up a wall between themselves and their leaders and i’ve seen it personally but for my perspective its hard because all i want to do is really help them out because their happiness is so fleeting and the worst thing is to look back with regret because that’s permanent. It can be frustrating but i take it as part and parcel of the responsibility
Zone Training was on friday and we had the wonderful opportunity to train 22 other missionaries on much needed skills. The mission president popped in for a visit too, so aside from my heart being in my mouth for half the time, it was cool.
We’re meeting with this guy from St Lucia thats my carbon copy! He called Casey and he DJs too. Almost my double just that he is black, really skinny has a sweet afro and he is 100 times cooler than me.. other than that we can be twins.
General Conference was over the weekend and it was AWESOME. E Hallstrom mentioned how we should never say that just who i am because its putting a cap on our potential but we can achieve so much more. Gary Stevensen referenced the winter olympics and how the athletes had a short window to either victory or defeat and how we shouldnt waste time and to realise the urgency in this life. 
Last night, we were running to the car because it was getting late when we blew by this man waiting at a bus stop. I had the feeling to stop and talk to him. It was a typical contact, it changed after sensing his demeanor, he looked so sad ): we told him that we didnt know his situation and we didnt want to pretend we understood it but we told him that the message we share can really bring lasting joy. He didnt accept the offer but took a card with our number on it. I then gave him a big hug and told him that i loved him. I don’t know his name and i probably couldnt recognise him today because it was so dark but somehow the words came out of my mouth, there are few times like these on my mission where i have had the opportunity to have a true glimpse of the infinite love that God has for his children. I love this work
Have an awesome week!
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