Transfer 12 Week 6 – Its week 6 already?!

Udon know how much you bento me, hahahahah


Its been a difficult week. It’s hard to really explain but likening it to a fire-fighters life, this week we had many stubborn fires to quell. It wasnt a raging inferno that would cause widespread pandemonium, but rather its the small embers that never dissipate no matter how many times you beat it with a damp cloth but have the potential to singe your fingers that have plagued us this week. It was hard trying to focus on it as well as focus on our areas. 
Other than the vigors the responsibility brings, it was a good week. The mission president came teaching with us last week and it was rather nerve racking at the start but after a while, we got into a good teaching flow and everything went well. It was a great meeting, one of the greatest in a long time. We met such wonderful people who are so prepared! 
I also had the great opportunity to be back in chinese work for a day. I went to Mississauga with E Mangum and it was awesome! I was back talking to people in chinese, eating authentic chinese food and ultimately enjoying myself tremendously. I love being in english work and i do feel more comfortable there but chinese people are so nice and hospitable, it was great. I bought Hello Panda when i was there 😀
I can’t believe i have only about 7 months left. Time has flown and sometimes i wonder if i have been fully effective with my time. We did a personal inventory the other day and I’m glad with the progress i’m been making. There’s been alot of changes i’ve seen in myself due to the perception of things i have now. Its been interesting to see the maturity within me. I just hope i can make full use of it when i get home! 🙂 
The transfer has flown by and next week i might not even be in Etobicoke anymore but we’ll see eh?
Pictures include 
– My hello panda
– typing a letter on a ghetto typewriter we found in the apartment 🙂
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