Transfer 13 Week 1 – Flat tires and Easter! :)

Sometimes it pays to just have a little faith – Lauren kate
So…Im staying in Etobicoke! dumdumdum.. It was a really uneventful phone call from the assistants because most of the zone is staying the same but i’m thankful there are no whitewashes happening because it’ll be great people being bought in to the zone vision. 
It was a really crazy week though. I experienced my first flat tire this week! A nail got lodged in our front passenger tire and the tire deflated really quickly. Thankfully, years of watching 2 Fast 2 Furious movies prepared me well for the task. I jacked and unscrewed the bolts like a champ. Granted, it took me an hour to figure out the unlocking mechanism for the spare tire, but minute details as such are unimportant 😀 The hardest part of it was dealing with the wind (yes its still cold in Canada and it snowed last week, BUT its 20 degrees today, rejoice!) We are heading out to a large park today to play football and ultimate frisbee. so excited!
We had a farewell for E.Polite who’s ending his mission this week and we took the customary farewell funeral photo. I’ll miss that guy. He is a good friend. 
Sunday was also easter and it was awesome! There was a musical presentation at church and S.Duran and I had the wonderful opportunity to sing I Stand All Amazed in front of everyone. She’s such a good singer, everyone was saying we sang well when it was really all her. It was fun though. I think i’ve sang more times on my mission that i have back home. A 8 year old girl closed the show with a stirring rendition of I Feel My Saviour’s Love. Ahhh. it was awesome, it was such a feel good feeling being there. 
T’was a good week and a good sunday. Hope everyone has a great week ahead. 
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