Transfer 13 Week 2 – SERVICE MAKES ONE HAPPY #mosiah2:1​7

True happiness comes by making others happy – David O McKay


Its weird how you feel a week is trudging by slowly but when you look back, its really just flown by. We were really busy this week. We meet with a new friend, faith whom we met after knocking on her door.  She’s originally from Lagos,Nigeria (they’re all from Lagos….) but lived in Spain for the past decade so she has a very heavy Catalan accent which i find so funny. Its almost similar to that one time where we talked to a sikh with a thick Scottish accent. He wasn’t interested at all but i just prolonged the conversation cause i found it so intriguing. haha  
Anyway, we went in to share the Restoration but surprise! turns out she was originally meeting with missionaries in spain and actually wanted to meet the missionaries here in Toronto but something didnt work out with the pass over and she feel through the cracks. It so happens she’s seeking for some spiritual direction in life and believes it all. We are so excited! 
We did a lot of service this week. I wielded a chainsaw for the first time! We helped a friend who’s 90 with his yard work. He needed up chopping down and bundling the branches of his maple tree. He’s awesome. He’s originally from Egypt but has lived in Canada for 40 years. He’s so wise and has many witty quips which make my day. His handshake is also firmer than 90% of the people we meet. Its awesome. 
Due to some miscommunication with the members, the baptismal font was drained and we only found out 15 minutes before the service. The font usually takes 2 hours to fill so we had to scramble with pots, pans, salad bowls and anything that held water really. Sunday wasnt really a day of rest with us running up and down. I slipped and almost fell into the half filled font which would’ve really been the highlight of my mission but thankfully i grabbed a very very very well placed handrail which prevented further embarrassing moments. haha
We helped a new to Canada family move into their new apartment. We were in the apartment visiting a friend when we saw them moving boxes. It turns out that the moving company cheated them of their money by driving away with 200$ in change and leaving the job half done. It was pretty bad and we spent about an hour carrying boxes. The hardest was lugging up the couches and the bed frames up 9 flights of stairs because the apartment didnt have a service elevator and they were too massive to fit into the regular ones. It was a great feeling though. While they didnt give us water or any show any “physical” means of appreciation, the smiles and hugs they gave really overcame any language barrier that existed and created lasting friendships. Thats what life should be about, helping the needy and showing compassion. Granted, i’m not saying everyone should be mother theresa but when we only give on christmas and love on valentines day and say thank you to our parents on their respective days, perhaps we need to rethink what matters most to us. 
Its been a exciting week. We have Zone Training and Mission Leadership Council this week too so its gonna flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Have a great week!
*i didnt take any photos this week so here are some blast from the past pictures from November 2012 in the MTC. Cant believe its been almost 18 months
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