Transfer 13 Week 3 – A familiar face, Helping hands and Taking selfies :3

Its been a week of almost no proselyting. We were indoors either at meetings, planning or conducting trainings. It was pretty nice cause it rained really hard all week and no one likes to get drenched. Even missionaries. Everything went well though. We still managed to get out during the weekends to talk to people in neighborhoods and to meet our friends and help them build their faith.
We had MLC this week at it was awesome. It always is awesome. This is the 2nd last MLC where President Scott will be presiding. He goes home at the end of June and we are planning something for him to help him go out with a bang. We had a QnA with him and so many questions were asked about leadership, doctrine and even his own personal advice for life. He is such a successful man both temporally and spiritually and It was great and i hope we do it again next month. The testimonies given at the end is always my favourite. A quote that was mentioned was that Perfection comes by learning from our imperfections. I loved that so much and its so true. Trials and hardships are here to refine us. How often do we look back at hard times and see the growth in us. Regardless of whether it happens in this 2 years or even in regular life, all these things are for our experience which really is a key purpose in life. 

I overheard a hilarious conversation at a chinese restaurant the other day. It was a 60+ year old man talking to his friend about photography. They were trying to take a photo when his friend, who was equally as old chirped, “lets take a selfie”. I nearly choked on my egg roll as he gleefully explained to his confused friend that “Selfie” is the new word of the moment and that all the cool people are using it. They then proceeded to take many selfies after to my grand amusement. 

At church this past week, we talked about helping others and truly the impact of small gestures and i feel that when you really are prepared, the opportunity presents itself. We helped a few people move into their new homes this week. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but there is something about finishing a big move that is really gratifying. Maybe its the impact you have or the satisfaction after a long day but its a great feeling none the less.
I also saw a familiar face at church! Right before i left home, Olivia posted on my facebook wall that she was going to Ottawa to study, we might bump into each other. I didnt think much of it because Ottawa isnt in the mission boundary but lo and behold, 18 months later, we see each other at the hallway in church. Funny how that is. Of all the 98 congregations in Ontario, we happen to see each other at the same one. It was awesome to see a familiar face. 
I had a great week! Have an awesome spring! The weather is warming up. Finally. 
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