Beauty is whatever gives joy. 
Its been a great week. I attended a recent convert’s 40th birthday party and it was crazy. Nigerians really know how to have a good time. Its hard to describe but y’know that annoying neighbour you have that you wanna call the cops on because you can hear the party even if you lived on mars? Yep. I was in the epicenter of it all. It was fun though, aside from the fact the median age of everyone was 40, it was great talking to people and getting to know them. We are meeting some of them this week too! I also tried Nkwobi which is a Nigerian dish made of the hooves of cows and Jollof Rice which is a fried with tomato paste…It was interesting to say the least. 
Also, happy mothers day! I hope everyone remembered to wish their Moms! Victor Hugo once shared 
“She broke the bread into 2 fragments and gave them to her children, who ate with eagerness. ‘She hath kept none for herself,’ grumbled the sergeant. 
“Because she is not hungry,” said a soldier.
“No” said the sergeant, “because she is a mother”
I have such profound respect for mothers. A wonderful quote i heard yesterday at church was that “A Mothers love can never be extinguished. Not by distance, time or circumstance” I fully agree with that. Being out here, seperated by continents and oceans with a 12 hour time difference and a schedule that allows for once a week correspondence, i still feel the eternal love my mother has. My intention isnt to belittle the importance of fatherhood at all but thats a thought for another day. The work of a mom is hard too often very much unheralded but they do it with such aplomb. I love walking on streets and looking at young moms and their children. The adoration is so evident and so tangible, even eternal. When you look into a mothers eyes, you know it is the purest kind of love you can find on this earth. 
I’ve linked a great video here
Check it out and have a wonderful week!
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