Transfer 13 Week 5 – The chilli padi story, hilarity ensues

Sometimes words are never enough


It was a wonderful week in T.O. The weathers been really pleasant and people have been out and about doing yard work and we’ve been walking in neighbourhoods just simply talking to people and seeing if they need an extra helping hand. 
I had such a wonderful conversation with our friend V the other day. We were just walking around when we saw her smoking in her garage and watching tv.. (just so everyone knows, the quintessential Canadian is best described as one, relaxing in their garage, Budweiser in hand watching the hockey game) We went up to her and made small talk and offered to take her yard waste out. She graciously declined our offer and commended us for the work that we do. She was really nice and after a while, started opening up to us about her fears and difficulties in life. She mentioned she’s 37 and was lamenting that she has made drastic positive changes in her life over the past decade go be married and have children. However, 10 years since her lifestyle switch, that hasnt happened and she’s rather jaded and bummed about it all especially when her colleagues at work are all about sleeping around and cheating on their spouses. My admiration and respect for her soared as she mentioned how she doesnt want to stoop down to levels that would compromise her standards. She was frustrated at how he hasnt “responded” to her prayers. We sat down at the sidewalk next to her and just talked about life for 30 mins and at the end she said that perhaps bumping into you was a way God was reaching out to her. it was awesome. 
Over Pho (WOOHOO) the other day, they gave us chilli padi, and i noted how chomping on a chilli padi is something i can never do. Our mexcian missionary said that he loved spice and peppers and he ate it all the time in mexico and he was confident he could eat with without any difficulty. I shrugged my shoulder and told him to try it. Grabbing a few, he threw it all into his mouth…sadly and predictably so, he wasnt able to eat much pho after. It was pretty funny though watching his face turn from confident to shock to animated cries for water. 
Its funny how Toronto has more Vietnamese restaurants than Singapore. I love Toronto so much. The melting pot of countries are awesome. Nationalities of people that we frequently visit include
1) Nigeria
2) Namibia
3) South Africa
4) Finland 
5) Egypt
6) St Lucia
7) St Vincent
8) China
9) Haiti
10) Grenada 
Half the countries i had no idea about before coming here. its wild. 
6 months to go. Its flying.
Have a good week!
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