Transfer 13 Week 6 – HOTDAYS

Remember that one time it was -40 here?

Greetings from the blazing hot land of Canada. Spring came and went and we are in the swing of summer! its “only” 28 degrees but when your body is acclimatised to the cold, it feels like you’re proselyting on the surface of the sun. No bueno. It doesnt help that our apartment faces east and it has floor to ceiling windows so its pretty much a greenhouse every morning. Air conditions and fans feel non existent but its all part and parcel of missionary work. haha Also, i’ve heard about every “Tan” joke in the book now. haha
It was sunny all week and we helped a couple of our friends with the yard. Heehee, it was a fun experience helping our 70 year old friend Jacki, till her garden and help her plant cherry tomatoes, peppers and okra. We were running around with wheelbarrows full of compost, and it was exciting snuggling the seeds into the earth. I will be watching the plants with vested interest. haha We also helped out Georgie mow her lawn and i had the exciting opportunity to use a weed whacker. haha i felt like those grass cutters back home. it was really fun! 
Had a quarterly interview with the mission president and we just talked about the future and about school and stuff. He talked about potential scholarships and career options. He’s leaving in a month and i wanted to take the opportunity to pick his brain for advice and for counsel. I left feeling pretty satisfied. I’m really trying not to invest so much thought into it because its really not the perfect time to be worrying about it because i still have so many things to do and im also quite limited in resources out here but at least i have a solid framework and idea on what i want to do. 
This week, i exchanged into the Mississauga chinese area and it was a blast. Its always great to be back with the chinese peeps. haha i had a wonderful time and had interesting lessons. Its always great when tangents about being chaste come up. hahaha. I also found a Singaporean restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huat. 
Its week 6 next week! Thats incredible at how fast the transfer has gone by. People say the last 12 months literally fly by and man, i attest to that. Yikes! :/ Something i’ve learnt so far is really to be a go-getter. Remember the things you always wanted to do? You should go do them. 
Make it a great week! 
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