Transfer 14 Week 1 – GOINBACKTO​CHINA



Transfer News!
Area: Bayview North
Zone: North York
Language: Mandarin
Comp: E. Bramwell

Big news, I am leaving Etobicoke! and heading over to the blessed land of Bayview on the east side of Toronto aaaand, i’m going to be speaking Chinese!!!!!! I’m super excited about that. I’m also going to be driving. Ha. I haven’t driven in forever and its going be on the other side of the street. Pray i dont get into an accident! :/ Its going to be such a big change talking to africans and people from the Caribbean to people solely from china and taiwan. Im so excited!
I’m going to be with E Bramwell! We served around each other back in the day when we first came out in the North York Zone and its awesome how we are back in the same zone again! He finishes in 2 transfers so its gonna be a wild next 3 months. 
It’s been a crazy transfer 13 and we ended off the transfer with 2 baptisms, Gary from Montreal and Cristina from Romania. I love how the world really comes to us. Its the best mission in the world because it is the world! 50% of the residents are not born in Canada making it so multicultural and so diverse, everyday is a different day here in TO.
The week was fun! I found a Singaporean restaurant in Mississauga! Its creatively called Lion City and the food was super authentic! Well, it looked authentic and it was pretty good, obviously not like the food back home but it was still great!! 
Not a very long entry this week because i’m swamped with things to do and things to settle and people to see before i leave but i promise next week will be better! 
Take care!!
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