Transfer 14 Week 2 – MLC and Chinese people



Week 1 in Bayview aka China. I’m alive! haha man, its harder than i thought it’d be. Sunday was such a trainwreck. The congregation is in chinese and prior to that we had ward council and missionary coordination meeting all in chinese so it was a straight 5 hour blast of chinese…Now, i had trouble focusing in high school where we had chinese for an hour so 5 hours yesterday was killer. I had such good sleep last night 🙂

Its great being in chinese work though. The people are so hospitable and so nice and currently we’re teaching people in YSA so people in my age group so its really easy to relate with them and they are really accepting as well. They also like to take us out for lunch which is a great bonus. heh

We also recently moved in to a spectacular new apartment. We live on the 36th floor on 4968 Yonge Street. Its akin to living on Orchard Road in Singapore. We have a clear view of the city and also there’s a gym and sauna and in-unit washer and dryers. ITS AWESOME. We’ve nicknamed the apartment The Roost. haha. The gym is such a blessing because i dont have much time to lose weight. HAHA. We’ve been working out with the Farsi missionaries every morning and E.Macmillian used to be a gym rat back home so i wake up every morning feeling so sore but its great.

Mission Leadership Council was awesome. It was probably the best one and most spiritual one i’ve been to. It’s President & Sister Scott’s last one and as they bore their testimonies at the end, everyone was so touched because you could really feel their genuine love and concern for everyone. He shared a story about his daughter and how 8 years ago she had multiple blood clots in her lungs and she fell into a coma. After a few anxious days and many fervent prayers, she awoke and he asked her what went on during the past few days and how she felt. “She simply answered him and said while it was hard, i wasnt worried cause i knew that through the teaching of the gospel, we as a family can be together forever” Man, the spirit smouldered everyone in the room it was so palpable and tangible and everyone knew that it was truth. Its not something that can be faked or a fancy trick your psyche plays on you, it real!

The meeting closed off with the council singing “God Be With You Till We Meet Again”. Man that song never fails to wreck me. thankfully, i had 30 other missionaries who shared the same sentiment. At the end, we gave both of them individual hugs and watched a powerpoint in which ever Zone Leader under their stewardship took a picture of themselves holding a picture of the Scotts. I’ve attached it here! We then presented Sister Scott with a bouquet of flowers and a personalized quilt.

It was such a spiritually uplifting meeting and i felt so drained after but it was so worth it. Best 2 years ever.

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