Transfer 14 Week 3 – Ups and Downs

its all about thriving in them awkward situations

Its been a week of up and downs. Early on this week, we got a phone call from one of our friends we were meeting. She called us with devastating news that her newborn baby of 5 months died. We really were shocked and didnt know what to say, what made matters worse was that her boyfriend was responsible for the death of her baby.

We met with her and we could see her entire demeanor was downtrodden, eyes were bloodshot and her posture was haggard, obviously from long sleepless nights of crying. She mentioned how the house is so quiet now and how her boyfriend’s arrest by the cops made the news.. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and promised how it’s part and parcel of life and how babies that pass away early are some of the choicest spirits who don’t deserve to experience the hardships of life but are merely sent here to gain a body. It was words of comfort and she told us that as she prayed the few nights after, she felt peace that enveloped her. It wasnt a natural feeling, she said as she was racked with sorrow but she felt comforted. If there’s one thing i do know, it’s that God looks after his children.

We had a missionary in the zone who’s struggling. He’s from a small quiet part of Hong Kong and he doesnt really get out much. Being only in his 2nd transfer and being thrown in the city, its really being overwhelmed with everything and feels he cant manage and is stressing out over everything. I sat down and talked to him and i really saw myself in him. Despite being from the city, i found it really hard to get used to the stares, the ridicule and the fingerpointing when i first was in downtown but after a while i realised that it’ll never stop and that theres always someone everyday who’ll try to ruin your day so it was just up to me to make the most of that situation and it was those principles and lessons i tried to convey to my young missionary friend. He seemed to feel better and buoyed by the advice. I really feel he just needed someone to vent to though.

We had dinner with a wonderful taiwanese family last night and half way through they started talked in Taiwanese and man, i couldnt stop smiling because it reminded me of home so much. I havent heard any Taiwanese (Hokkien) on my mission so it was something to cherish. hahaha (its the little things)…

I love being in Chinese work, i can already see my chinese improving as compared to 2 weeks ago and i’m excited to see the things i can learn in the upcoming week. I’m so thankful for the wonderful YSA members who are so willing to bring their friends to meetings and take us out for dinner and teach us chinese, it feels like i’m just hanging out with friends all the time. Its great. haha.

Hopefully the week has been good for all as well. Take good care!! 😀

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