Transfer 14 – Spainish people are good at Soccer, Back in Richmond Hill :D

The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen Jumping and laughing forever It would be great, right? -M83, Raconte Moi Une Historie

Nihao 🙂

It was a great week in Toronto. The week started with me going to Richmond Hill with the Farsi (Persian) speaking missionaries for a day. For the avid follower (probably none), you might remember i started my mission 19 months ago in the blessed land of Richmond Hill so it was awesome to be back! There was so many places that were still in construction when i was there and i was like a little child pointing out places where i used to be. Because they heard i was visiting, i have the blessed opportunity to met Jeff Scott for lunch and the Mathurent family for dinner! I love both of them so much and we spent the time catching up like old friends 🙂 It was a wonderful day back and i heard how to say “Man, thats sick” and “Whats shakin bakin pops?” in Farsi. hahaha
We went back up to Richmond Hill for zone conference on thursday and it was bitter sweet because it was the Scotts last zone conference with us before they fly home on sunday ): They shared with us a discourse on light and darkness and how we cant sit on the fence we really have to choose which side to be on in life. He also shared life lessons with us and how to really use the things we learnt on our mission in our lives. It was awesome and at the end all of us got a massive hug from both of them. While i’m sad to see them go, im excited to work with the Claytons. They are from San Diego and he is an obstetrics gynae but in his bio he said he loves longboarding and she loves watching the NBA so i think we can be good friends. haha
We had huge news this week that the mission is doing away with area boundaries and now its going to be a free for all. Previously, we were only allowed to work within a certain area in the ward (A ward is a group of people living in a set geographical area 😉 ) boundaries. So the ward would get split up and missionaries would be assigned to an area but now the area boundaries have disappeared and we can go wherever we want. Its almost like a free for all now so its making things more exciting! 🙂
We also had a YSA (people aged 19-30) activity over on Eglinton Flats last weekend where we had inter-ward soccer. Bayview, the chinese ward was paired up against Christie, the spanish ward and we got pummeled 10-0 in 20 minutes hahahahahaha. Evidently, Soccer isnt one of my future career options it was great fun though especially because we had people who we were meeting playing and cheering for us. 
It was a great week! 🙂 I hope the week is going well back home! 🙂 
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