Transfer 14 – Center island & Spicy Food

“Expecting life to be easy because you’re a nice person is like expecting a bull not to charge because you’re vegetarian” – Jeffrey R Holland


The past week was insanely fun. We had a YSA activity on Center Island which involved us, people we were teaching and a whole bunch of maniacal YSAs trooping on a ferry and making the 10 minute ride to the island. It’s almost the Canadian version of Pulau Ubin with more people. 
We had a BBQ there where we had burgers, sausages and all kinds of good things. It was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and really foster greater friendships. We had a great scavenger hunt/amazing race type thing which involved everyone running around the island to find random things (a used pizza box, a twig from the maze.. etc) and taking pictures of the island landmarks. An exciting story follows
So for our last task we had to take a picture of a house on a lake which was way across the other side of the island and as we walked there we saw the other team walking back saying that they already got everything and were heading back and we just booked it. 
We sprinted to the house took the worst photo in existence and half sprinted half jogged back and we pretty much conceded to be 2nd but at the last corner we saw them strolling back so we made a mad dash to the finish line and actually beat them. It was more exciting than i made it out to be but man, i couldnt feel my legs for the next 24 hours. haha 
President Scott left for home last weekend and i’m really sad to see him go. I’ll definitely miss his presence and guidance. While i am tres excited for President Clayton, it’s just difficult to see someone who’s made a big impact on my life leave.  think if anyone asked who my heroes are in life my mission president and his wife are definitely going to be on that list. 
A nice advantage about being in YSA work is that they like to go out to eat and they usually have pity on poor missionaries and like to buy us dinner. Another advantage about being in chinese work is that you usually get to eat authentic chinese food. Unfortunately, you don’t have much say about where to go and what to order. Also, situations doesnt improve for me when you have a group of people from Szechuan and Hunan where they chomp on chills for snacks and when you havent eaten “real” chilli in 2 years. My mouth enjoyed it but my stomach didnt. hahaha. But the company and the atmosphere made it totally worth it though. haha i feel like i can eat anything now and be unfazed.
All in all, it was a great week full of activities where we got our friends fellowshipped by the members. It’s one thing having a spiritual conversion to truth but it’s another thing retaining people. 
Something i’m really excited about is the upcoming trainings and exchanges this week. We have mission leadership council with President Clayton and it lasts the entire day so its going to be a really good opportunity to get to know him. We also have zone training where we get the chance to sit down and discuss plans and goals for the upcoming month 😀 Its going to be such a spiritual feast. haha I’m excited.
Have a great week, don’t let negativity get you 😀
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