Transfer 14 – Welcome to Canada!

“I received a witness this day that the mantle has been passed” – E. Wes Wihongi

Good week.

We had mission leadership council (MLC) with President Clayton at the mission home. He’s so new to the mission and it was funny as it laughed at his own goofy mistakes. He’s very different from President Scott. Totally different in styles but based on the things that were said and felt at that council. I too know that the keys of the mission has been successfully passed on.

I’m still in awe at how in tune with the spirit he is. During MLC, he was instructing us on finding when he suddenly paused, closed his eyes for a couple of seconds, looked around the room and randomly called out a missionary and said “i have a feeling you have an experience you need to share”. She then shared an awesome experience that totally brought the spirit in. Man. That man is inspired.

It’s going to be a totally new council next month because 7 of us are going home in a week and there are already unfamiliar faces coming in. Its starting to feel like i don’t know anyone. haha the running joke is that for the first 6 months of your mission you wont know anyone. the next year feels like you know everyone in the mission and you know you have 6 months left when everyone starts to look foreign to you. its true.

The North York zone also had a meet the president session this week where took 5 minutes to interview each of us and at my interview, at the closing prayer he said specific things that were on my mind. it was pretty eye opening at how in tune with the spirit he was.

I’m so happy with the group of missionaries i have stewardship under. We had a ridiculously good zone training where everyone left motivated but the great thing was that everyone is disciplined enough to keep motivated. There are 11 zones in the mission and looking at the key indicators being reporting, we are doing the best right now. It isnt a competition but…we’re winning. And i love how the unity is so strong now and how everyone is willing to sacrifice and help each other out. Such skills really help for the future.

Had legit Ma La hot pot for the first time last week and maaaan. it was really something. haha i couldnt feel my face for the next hour. It was really good but also really numbing. i had to dip my food in a bowl of water to wash away the spices before eating it towards the end. haha definitely a great experience but probably something i’d think twice about before venturing it again. We also found ding tai fong and had xiaolongbaos 🙂

I dont have much time to email today because we are going to the science center 8) but know that im doing well and that im really nervous to go home. haha

Make it a good week! Ask me if anything i say doesnt make sense. haha

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