Transfer 15 – Random things to fill space :)



“let today be better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today”


It’s such a crazy day and i don’t have much time to write but know that i am staying in chinese work for another transfer! Last transfer flew by so quickly its pretty scary how time just disappears.

It was a really fun week though. I went on exchange to Don Valley in the Farsi (persian) area and i learnt so much. Sometimes i wish i was able to learn a brand new language on my mission but then again i struggle with chinese already so maybe i should just stick with it.

Its also a bittersweet end this transfer because alot of my dear friends that i care about are going home. Transfers didnt really matter to me but now as i come to a close myself, alot of my peers who are just a couple of transfers older or sisters who are a few transfers younger are going home. It’s sad because i probably wont see most of them for a very long time. 😡

I didnt bring my notes on things to talk about but I was talking to a friend recently about living up to potential and that something that motivates me is not to leave Canada with any regrets. Do what i need to do, say what i need to say to leave with a greater sense of fulfillment. A mantra i heard from a person i respect a ton is to be a little better tomorrow than you are today. It might take a little bit of micromanagement but i feel such advice is so profound. I feel that can be applied to any situation.

Also other principles that i’ve learnt is that

1) in life we face many choices, there’s always the good, better and best choice. we gotta establish some form of filtering system and always try to go for the best

2) if possible dont settle for less. There’s so much potential in each of us and if we just settle for sedimentary we are doing ourselves a huge disfavor. Something that i’m hoping for is having the same kind of discipline back home as out here.

anyway, i should probably get off my soapbox. i have to run.

A better entry next week i promise!!! 🙂


-Don Valley District

-The Persian Princes.

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