Transfer 16 – Lake Ontario + transfers


When the peaceful happy moments roll~

Wowww what a week. Full of ups and downs. Transfer Tuesday was probably one of the most bittersweet days of my time in Canada. It was a huge transfer with 40 plus missionaries going home. It was sweet because i got to go to Brampton and see everyone and take pictures but it was a bum because i knew every single one of them personally. I either served with them or around them and so many of them were examples to me both in spirit and work ethic. It was really hard to see them leave the field and go back home. From companions, to those that had stewardship over me earlier in my mission or vice versa, i learnt something from every single one of them and even though i hardly saw some of them for the past year and it does seem theoretically that them being gone doesnt make a big difference in my life because i never saw them anyway, it still felt awkwardly different knowing that some are on a totally different timezone now and that experiences shared arent in the present but more of a happy memory… i’m not sure if im making sense.

Anyway, we had a sweet baptism in Lake Ontario the past week. The weather was gloomy, think Seattle, London, Vancouver weather 🙂 It was cold and the water was frigid and there was so much preparation involved it almost made it not worth it. We carried 18 chairs half a mile from the car to the site across sloping sand in suits and as we were half way there and our arms feeling like it was being set on fire. it started to rain. We just stood there not wanting to continue to set up chairs because it might just start pouring, but neither did we want to make the hike back to the car.

“Peter walked on water, we can have some faith!”
“Famous last words….”

were some of the words uttered as we contemplated what to do. In the end, we decided to put our shoulder to the wheel and finish the task. Ultimately, while it didnt stop raining, it started to drizzle and it was light enough for us to continue with the baptism.

Our friend, Q, who was getting baptized that day was squealing and yelping as she stepped into the freezing water. As we stood in the water and as she was brought up, a cool thing happened. she kept really quiet and stopped shivering. As we asked her later about it she said, the water was cold and i really couldnt feel anything. but as i went under, i felt a sudden warmth envelop me and it was as if i entered into a bubble. and i thought, so this is what everyone was talking about’

🙂 It was a great way to finish off the week. Things like these don’t get happen. Feelings like these don’t simply come when they need to. Its real. I really feel that God does look out for his children. Sometimes we feel like we’re alone or small but ultimately, it so comforting to know that someone out there is looking out for us and is cheering us on whenever we make the right choice. I love sharing that with people and i love seeing the change in their life when they start recognizing that and ultimately seek to build that relationship with.

Have a good week!! 🙂

-Lake Ontario’s baptism

– TEAM CHINA (all the chinese speaking elders in the mission at transfers + Sister Hsiung)

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