Transfer 17

Endings are merely everlasting beginnings – Dieter F Uchtdorf

The transfer has actually been going by at a pretty routine pace which is surprising considering how fast the last 7 has been. I have a feeling though that it’s the pace is going to dramatically increase with Mission Leadership Council this week, Zone Training the next, Specialty training after and Transfer week. We also have 4 exchanges to do so thats going to be a slice. E Bramwell finishes this transfer so i forsee alot of member meal appointment with everyone wanting a piece of him before he concludes his service.

The week was great though! We got a “new” car because our old Subaru got wrecked too much. It was involved in 3 separate accidents so we had to finally take it into the shop to get it fixed. Has anyone driven the Chevy Malibu before? Man, it’s the worst. It turns like a boat and U-turns are impossible. It’s also a really heavy car so it feels like im doing a leg press at the gym everytime i try to brake. It goes without saying that i’m really excited to get the Impreza back. This week we also had 2 flat tires. One with the Subaru as we were taking it in to the shop and the other right as we got the malibu… Wretched luck. On the brightside though, TopGear can probably hire me as their lead mechanic now. haha

We had a little farewell party for our friend Q who’s leaving back to China this week. She comes back after the transfer so we aren’t sure if we’d both be here. We had hotpot and it was a great bonding activity with our chinese friends some of whom were members and some who were checking out the church. Was a pretty ordinary meal until someone dropped food into a chilli pepper laden sauce and some seeds somehow managed to fly into my eye. hah, amidst uncontrollable tearing, i felt like tearing my face off. it was pretty bad, thankfully nothing dramatic happened and after what felt like eternity of having my face under the tap, the burning subsided. haha it probably wasnt one of my finer moments.

Speaking of the church, we walked in on sunday and found out that the chapel and gym were closed for repairs due to some structural instability. Apparently, in the US, a speaker fell on someone and because of that, the church has had all the buildings inspected to see if they have the same issue. Apparently the one that we go to in Bayview does. The church is now cordoned off for a week at least and meetings will be held in the building down in Don Mills. (This probably doesnt mean anything to people back home but its really exciting news down here hahaha). While this doesnt pose a problem to most members, we aren’t sure what to do for district meetings this week. We were thinking of booking the conference room in our apartment and get everyone there haha….We might as well get caterers too.

Anyway, i’l report on how that went next week. Also, im getting a chance to be in a Chevy Tahoe this week so thats exciting too! 😀

Have a great week!

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