Transfer 15

-E Gollner who finishes in 3 weeks being carried by his former comps at MLC

-E Gollner who finishes in 3 weeks being carried by his former comps at MLC

Till heart meet with heart and rejoices – #232

Good week! Sorry this is coming on a tuesday, yesterday was Civic Day in Canada and preparation day got moved to today. Something that tickles me about Canada is that no one knows what all these random holidays represent. From Civic Day to Victoria Day, Ontario just wants a excuse to relax 😀 it’s great.

Recently, we’ve started a french class at the Bayview building. It’s just a creative way to meet more people. It’s also there to compliment our free english class that has been pretty well established there. It’s been good. The first few weeks were kinda slow but we now have about 15 students so its slowly getting up to me. Also, it’s also a good introduction to french because it’s been something i’ve been mulling about learning when im back home. Haha, i struggle quite a bit but i do know how to order a glass of eau de citron at restaurants now! ahaha

Something sweet was that i gave one of my chinese friends an english name! Her chinese name starts with J so she wanted a bunch of english names that started with J. I listed out Julie, Jacklyn, Jennifer, Jane, Jenna etcetc but in the end she chose Julie and she’s gonna get it put on legally. Awesome. I felt like a parent naming a child. hahaha As i was pondering names for her, i went off on a tangent and taught of future names for my kids ^^. Has anyone ever done that or was it just me being odd. haha

Mission Leadership Council was this week and it was exciting as always. I wish everyone was able to attend. President Clayton is so into social media its awesome!. He wants to do a social media blitz when the Book of mormon musical rolls into town next month. He wants members to follow missionaries around all day and tweet about what a “real missionary” does and he wants to get it trending. He asked us to come up with potential hashtags to use. Any ideas? 🙂

Also, National Day is coming up! Happy 49th Birthday Singapore!!!! Despite having spent most of the last two years abroad in Toronto, my love for Singapore has only grown in force and conviction.

Here’s a joke i heard today from a friend that had been laughing out loud.

What did the scientist say when he found 2 isotopes of Helium?


Have a good week!

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