Transfer 15

“If Anne hath a will, Anne Hathaway” – Pamela C

Good week!

Biggest thing that happened this week was Zone Training on Wednesday. About 45 minutes before it begun at Bayview, President Clayton called and was all like. “Hey! Im coming! Don’t start without me!” When the mission president comes to Zone Training it’s only going to turn out 2 ways. Either everyone puts on a good show and decides to participate or it can be a silent as a tomb and the whole training becomes a huge flop. Thankfully, The North York Zone came to be heard and there was never a quiet moment. It was such a great meeting and we had a good counsel to come up with appropriate goals to shoot for. Everyone was participating, even the President. #happydays

I think the biggest thing as a leader is to gain the trust of the people you serve. Ultimately, as people can see the love their leaders have for them, they will want to work. When a zone works together and sees success together, unity develops and everyone will make sacrifices as well as go the extra mile to achieve things. the attitude changes from what can i do for my area but rather what can i do for my zone. The perspective changes from it being the ZL’s zone but to our zone. I think the biggest blessing i’ve taken from my time here in North York is to really see that culture change and see how much the missionaries enjoy being missionaries now. I think that is particularly important because of the 4 new missionaries we have this transfer.

We had the opportunity to head out to Peterborough, way out past Oshawa for an activity and we also roped in the people we were meeting. It was a great activity where we could really introduce the people we were meeting to the people in our congregation. It really helped them integrate into the ward. I think getting to know people is so important! Ever gone to a party or a dinner and you didnt know anyone. It’s the worst. I think once people get socially comfortable at church because they make good friends, it becomes easier for them to come out to church and expand their comfort zone.
Someone told me today that i have approximately 100 days left in Toronto. Time flies so quickly. It feels weird and im really torn about it. while on one hand i really love doing what im doing and seeing everyone and experiencing new cultures and meeting new people and helping people find permanent joy and happiness. On the other hand, i’m excited for Day 101 and apply all the things i’ve learnt and see my friends/family again.

I still do have 100 days to do some damage here though!

Oh and thanks for the many ideas for the hashtags. some of my favourites were

Take good care!

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