Transfer 15.6

One night to save the day. We’ll show them all, Lets go! – Icona Pop

It was a fantastic week full of wonderful moments. We were at church listening to our friend 16 year old Wayne sharing his experience the recent youth camp where they engaged in cliff jumping where kids took turns jumping off a high platform onto the rushing waters below . He shared about his group mate Jackson running up but instead of leaping off the platform, slipped on the wet smooth stones and tumbled over the ledge and collided head first onto a rock formation and lay there in a crumpled heap. Wayne shared that at that point, the entire mood of the camp turned from one of fun and excitement to one of grave emergency. There were people in shock and some kids were crying as they feared that they just witnessed a first hand death scene. As he was taken away in an ambulance. Many prayers were said and according to Wayne it was a huge spiritual moment at that point that everything would be okay. Hours later, the report came in that despite falling from a great height, all Jackson needed was stitches on his head for a gaping wound. Naysayers might call it fortuitous luck  but others, including myself call it a heaven-sent miracle.
Week 5 went by really quickly. We had a specialty training where all the various Zone and District leaders from the North York, Ossington, Oshawa and Kingston zones came. It was a good discussion and training on welfare and caring for the missionaries we have stewardship over. I feel it was especially timely because of the amount of new missionaries coming in to the mission. July and August are the times where the mission sees the biggest changes with the old guard leaving and a slew of eager greenies enter the field. While some adapt quickly to the vigors of missionary life. Many are unused to the huge change in environment.
For many, its the first time they are away from home and to make it even more challenging, the crux of their adaptation is how well they get used to a lifestyle devoid of technology without the immediate support of family and friends. Obviously, it isnt all that bad, its awesome actually once you get used to it. Thankfully, the closest form of immediate support are their leaders and thats where the usefulness of the training came in. We learnt the psychological side of things and how we can help them to the physical side of things where we were coached on exercises they can do to overcome their initial nerves. It was great!
Something huge that was mentioned was that leadership is an attribute, not a position. So many of us in this world that hold a form of leadership position often feel that they are choice and qualified over someone that doesnt. I feel that as soon as pride gets in the way, that opportunity to showcase leadership gets diluted with the ambition of rising to a higher position and it in turns affects those under him/her. It was a good reminder to me that leadership is all about service. It’s about giving proper direction and changing the culture and helping people see the same vision that you have and allowing them room to grow and showing and giving them that example that they need to progress further and succeed in the goals that they set.
Anyway, its week 6. It’s E.Bramwell’s last week in Toronto! Thats crazy. I’m trying not to actively think about it but im running out of time too!! Its crazy how time flies. I remember my first day in Toronto, in Markham thinking about how there were Chinese people in every corner and wondering if that was what Canada was like. That perception changed when i got transferred to Brampton but thats another story. hahaha.
Have a great week!!!
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