Transfers have come, transfers have gone and Im bidding toronto farewell! I’m heading to Kitchener! specifically, i’ll be mingling with the 20 yr olds at University of Waterloo!! While i’m extremely sad to leave the NY zone because of the many wonderful experiences, the hardworking missionaries i get to be around who are a great example to me and the lessons that i’ve learnt, i’m actually really excited. I really didnt want to leave toronto but if i had to go i wanted to go to kitchener. I’ve heard so many great things about the place and the people! 
It’s also really cool because i’ve now served in london, kitchener, hamilton, brampton, barrie, etobicoke, north york and toronto. I’ve pretty much covered the entire western ontario. It’s been awesome to be able to see all the sights and meet all the people that live in those areas. 
This week was great though. As it was E Bramwell’s (and on hindsight, my) last week here, everyone suddenly treated us like royalty. people were wanting to meet with us in droves. haha we had a good balance of teaching and finding and meeting with people though so it was good. He’s coming back in October with the family so it wont be too long before they see him again anyway. 
We also went to Pacific Mall last which is pretty much like stepping into a portal to China. From the walls, to the lighting to the type of merchandise sold. everything screams, chinese. He went shopping for his sister in laws, nephews, friends and parents. it took forever  but we made it. I had a ton of fun because i had the opportunity to bargain and hassle for price discounts. haha i havent done it in forever, ever since i visited thailand’s night markets but it was great. 
Tonight we’re going to Bai Shu Ren Jia with the people we’re seeing and the new members. some szechuan chinese restaurant that’s probably gonna scorch my tongue again. Im certain my tolerance to spice has increased a hundred fold since i started living in toronto which is pretty ironic.
Really short, almost mindless email but i have to run! a better one next week i promise!
Random thought, this week, i learnt a new word from none else than E.Whitney- Persnickety which is a fancy word for fussy. 
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