Oh man, what a crazy week! so many things have been happening but the biggest thing is arriving in kitchener and waterloo! Its so different from Tdot. Its a smaller town with lesser traffic so its been wonderful to drive around in! The people are mostly students so i’ve had many engaging conversations on various philosophies as well as life in general. It’s great. School starts this week so we spent a lot of time helping college kids move last week. It’s been a blast meeting so many new people from the ward and getting to know them. 
We met a girl, V who is the french ambassador for the dairy farmers of canada. she pretty much drives a ford 150 around ontario and she’s such a boss. juggling between work, school and even finding time to meet with the missionaries, its really remarkable how people can maximize their opportunities and accomplish so much within 24 hours and how others, even with the same time frame procrastinate and end up idling away.
I think that’s something i really wanna focus on post mission, the principle of not drifting and doing things that dont add value to myself. I have grand plans post mission but it ultimately all boils down to discipline so achieve them. haha #motivationvsdiscipline
We headed out to Brampton for Mission Leadership Council and we had the opportunity to stay overnight at the Mansion. (a fancy name for the house the assistants live in) It was so much fun. In all, the Zone Leaders from London, Kitchener, Sudbury, Barrie and Kingston were there and there were pranks, jokes and pillow talk that ended us all sleeping way past the witching hour and left us as walking zombies for our meeting the next morning. It was great though, i didnt really know the other ZLs that well and that night was a good “bonding” session for everyone. 
The next day, we headed out to RDs for southern BBQ food. My new comp E Healey heard of the mammoth challenge. 6 pounds of poutine and the old record was 12 minutes by E Peterson…and yeah the new record is now 5 minutes and 13 seconds. hahahah man, i didnt even try to eat that mammoth. he even went for a large turtles blizzard at DQ after. i dont know how people eat so much food and not get morbidly obese. haha 
Anyway, i’m really excited for this month in kitchener, there are so many things i wanna change up in the zone so its gonna be good. i’l let you know how it goes! 
6 pounds of poutines with pulled pork and beef brisket. mmmm
E. Healey, Skirvin, Anderson, S Felix 🙂
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