The transfer is FLYING. Can’t believe its already week 3.  So! The past week went super well. I’m having so much fun in waterloo. School started last week and the kids were out in droves. I’m not sure if its the fashion in waterloo these days but there  were so many people wearing basically nothing and while i’m not a prude, it just makes it really hard to talk to girls because they think you’re trying to ask them out or flirt with them while all i’m doing is trying to advert my eyes from the cottage cheese that seems to be everywhere. yikes. Aside from that, it’s been really fun striking up conversations with people my age and talk to them about philosophy and about what they hold dear and important in life.
Being in a YSA unit, it also gives us the neat opportunity to plan events for the 20-30s year olds in the community! Something that we’ve come up with is a party in October. Titled Sober in Oktober, its really a fun contrast for the Oktoberfest drinking parties for people that want to have a night of  soberfun. There’s a member who’s a resident at Pearl, some club in waterloo and he’s gonna be manning the decks and instead of beers and Jägerbombs its gonna be gingerbeer, rootbeers and apple cider. haha. i’m stoked.
On tuesday we had a mini emergency with one of the missionaries in cambridge. He was biking and had an accident where he flew off his handlebars and landed chin first onto the pavement. Apparently according to his comp, you could see the bone and there was blood everywhere. We flew down from Kitchener in record time and sent him to the ER where we had to wait a couple of hours for him to get stitches. Thank goodness nothing was broken and there wasnt any immediate things that had to be done. We got home at about 1am.
Recently i heard, 2 of my friends i met on the mission are now engaged after 5 weeks of dating!! It’s insane how fast that is but man, i’m really excited for them. haha they seem like they know what they are doing so hopefully everything goes well. i’m pretty sure i wont be really be following that example though. haha
The transfer is really gonna speed by. There’s zone conference tomorrow in London, Next week we have a mission tour with E Craig Cardon and then its the temple trip and then we have general conference week 6! and then… its the final countdown. oooohboy. Have a great weeek!!!!
– a mennomite carraige we saw on one of our drives in the country
– Julie and I!
– radical.
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