It’s been a super exciting week here in waterloo! 🙂 The students are out in full force and everyday is a party. We walked around Laurier’s campus and Waterloo’s campus like week and they looked really sweet. The school spirit is really strong here you can really see the pride the students had in their schools.
We had Zone Conference in London the past week and we got together with the London Zone for instructions and training. Something that i took out from it was to always prioritise the hardest things you want to do least first. Also, sometimes the way we want to do things are wrong and we should try and do things that can be uncomfortable but will ultimately cause us to stretch and become better. Taking a leaf from Nike, President Clayton told us to always act and just do it even if it seems hard because it will be good for us in the long run. I look back on my time here in Canada and i see that principle ringing through. Doing this has definitely been the hardest thing i’ve done and i’m always tired but reflecting on it its because you’re working on all fronts, physically, emotionally and spiritually you’re getting a beating. BUT man, its been so so good. you find yourself and you become more independent and mature and self sufficient all at an incredibly quick rate. Compressed into 2 short years, you get battered left and right with all these experiences that will be crucial in your character development. Something i’m excited for is to go back and apply the things and principles i’ve learnt into regular life  #trunkycomment
So we had a scary/cool experience this week in our apartment. E Healey and I were trying to make fries and we left a pan covered sitting on the burner on high while we were prepping the potatoes. When the taters were ready, we poured the oil into the pan but because the pan was sitting on the stove for eons, the oil started to bubble and immediately caught fire. No pictures obviously but the height of the fire pretty much stretched from my torso to my shoulders and the handle of the pan was starting to get really warm. We just stared at the fire knowing if we threw water on it, the oil will splutter everywhere throwing fireballs all over the apartment. The smoke alarm was screaming as we both threw out ideas on how we could quelch the flames and somehow the impression came to both of us as we both said cardboard at the same time. Running to the  closet where every missionary apartment has tons of cardboard boxes from BOMs. we grabbed the nearest one and ran out to the balcony and covered the pan with the box, hoping to starve the flame. After what seemed like forever we peeked underneath, thankfully the flames were extingushed and we heaved a sigh of relief…. haha what an adventure.
Aside from our culinary disaster we had some success in the kitchen this week. It was H.Mckinley’s birthday a few days ago! E Healey and I made her some brownies and just to make it look posh we dusted icing sugar on top. hahahah. thankfully she said they tasted good and we’ve had no reports of food poisoning. they probably blessed it twice or something….
Other than that, the week was really routine but still awesome with us trying to get to know everyone and getting to know the area 😀
Hope you have a good week! stay safe!
the aftermath of the fire
We could probably drive to detroit on a full tank of gas 🙂
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