We need to learn what we should learn, do what we should do and become what we should become – Thomas S Monson

Hello! i cant believe its already week 6. The transfer is pretty much gone ): Way too quick for my liking.

Anyway, the week was great! The highlight of the week was definitely going to Brampton to the temple. Its really a different atmosphere there, situated on a busy intersection, its really neat to walk in and hear the doors close behind you and immediately all the sound dissipates. Its peaceful, quiet and everyone really knows why they are there and gives the place its respect. This past session, i managed to have many impressions on things i can improve on 🙂
I’m really excited that we managed to meet with so many members this week. I feel missionary work when done alone is so boring and uneventful. When you work hand in hand with members, you can really feel more accomplished and fulfilled. Its also really nice to hear the conversion stories of the members and its so much easier to relate because of the similarity in age and life experiences. Its neat that despite the different upbringing and culture, its really the feelings of happiness, love and hope that is the universal language for everyone.
As everyone in the congregation is between 18-30, many have served missions and its also awesome hearing of their mission stories and the principles they have learnt. Hailing from Hungary to the Marshall Islands, its also fun to learn some phrases in languages i’ve never even heard of. It really makes me want to learn a 3rd language when i’m home 🙂
This week, we also got treated to Mel’s Diner where E Healey attempted the Mel’s Challenge. Quintessentially summing up dietary habits, in North America, you have to finish a 3 pound burger with fries in an hour. it was 2 buns the size of dinner plates and 9 fat patties of beef with the works and various sauces While it provided a good show watching him attempt to chow down the burger, unfortunately he couldn’t finish all of it and had to take about half of it home ): It made good leftovers though. haha
I’m really excited for General Conference this upcoming week. Its like the superbowl for missionaries and its going to be so good hearing the advice and counsel that will be given. Its really the LDS version of TED talks and there’s so so many things that can be gleamed from the speakers. Broadcast live from Salt Lake, its free for everyone who’s interested and can also be viewed at lds.org Times are 10am and 2pm on Saturday and Sunday (Mountain Standard Time)
As i approach the tail end of my time in Canada, i’ve often reflected on what i’ve learnt and who’ve become and something i’ve learnt that if one wants absolute fulfillment, one should never touch anything with half of your heart. Always be present, loving endlessly and being kind towards everyone. Challenging situations are meant to be overcome, understand before reacting and its always important to remember that what’s right for someone else may not be right for you (and thats okay!) but we should never be afraid or ashamed to ask for help because we also have a choice in all things. Life really is about living and something if we stopped and remembered that, we be a little happier. I saw a quote that once said If we hug a little tighter, our hearts will be a little closer. Its true.
Have a good week! 🙂
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