Acknowledge and face your weakness but never be immobilized by them – Jorg Klebingat


The last 6 weeks were a blur and it still boggles me how time flies when you’re having fun. Kitchener was a blast though and i’m so thankful for the wonderful miracles that i’ve seen in the past week. Unfortunately, I’m leaving Kitchener for Hamilton. While i’m really excited to be there and see the new things that await me, i’m bummed that i’m leaving. Its the same feeling when you come in to a place that struggling and you set a long term goal to fix it and you leave half way through. Its an empty feeling of fulfillment. Thankfully E Healey is staying though and he’s more than capable of bringing things back to the way they should be.
General Conference was a huge highlight of the week. I loved all the talks but Jorg Klebingat’s talk really stuck out. He mentioned about the principle of forgiveness and being kind and always being responsible for our actions. I feel in society today, alot of us, me included shirk responsibilty at times, we hold grudges and murmur when people cross us. It was a good reminder to me that life isnt meant for us to be unhappy with one another and for us to eschew our responsibilities. Its about growth and progression, its not about letting yesterday’s faults plague our mind or change the past and because of that we shouldnt let that bring us down. we are basically the CEO of our lives and i feel its important that we remember that 🙂
We met B for the first time this week this week she has lived in Calgary her whole life interacting amongst LDS folks and she said that for some reason this summer she felt a strong inclination to learn more. She is so prepared and so open to change and such a honest seeker of truth. The beautiful thing is that we really help her develop that relationship with deity and let her find out what is truth. The power to choose is so precious and i think its something everyone should have.
Man, its been such a great week in the Kitchen. Im excited to go to hamilton and actually see the place Batman the dark knight was filmed at.
Take care!!
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