you dont ever lose by loving, you lose by holding back


Welcome (back) to Hamilton! Its interesting being back here and i was in the area about a year ago but this time instead of being in the family ward, i’m still working with the 18-30 year olds! I’m grateful to be able to still be working around them. Its really fun and making things really easy going.

Being in a new zone, it was a unique experience getting to know all the missionaries. I love the zone already though, we have missionaries from a myriad of countries. From England to the Cook Islands, it was like being in the MTC again in Utah. We have a brand new missionary from Malaysia so it was really fun talking to her and talking about the things we had in common.
Zone Council was awesome though! We set appropriate goals and focuses to help the Hamilton area be successful. I love it when missionaries participate in discussions though, it makes it so much more fulfilling and fun. I’m excited for the next 5 weeks to see what miracles and stories come out of it 🙂
This past weekend was also Canadian Thanksgiving! it was way awesome. The streets were dead over the weekend which was really comforting. haha, it shows that people at least value some sort of family time. We were invited to the Cushings, a wonderful  family, recently converted to the gospel for dinner and it was magical! Right before the dinner was served, he went down on one knee, brought out a diamond ring and told his wife that he wanted to be sealed and married again but this time for time and all eternity. Everyone got so emotional it was awesome!!
Turkey and stuffings aside, it was a great weekend getting to know everything and exploring the city of Hamilton. We made it out to Niagara for a meeting with a family, we drove past the falls and from where i was sitting it looked amazing! I cant wait to check it out in a few weeks.
Its been an awesome week so far, hopefully it’ll go by slower though :/ haha
have a great week ahead!
-Hamilton Zone!
– Chilling with the Marshalls (check out that iphone6)….
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