Be independent 

Hello! It was a great week, not a ton of things happened but there was 2 awesome experiences that made a huge impact on me.
We met with one of the members this week at a Tim Hortons. For the unaware, Tim Hortons is like a cheap version of Starbucks that populates every city in Canada. They sell coffee and donuts. Missionaries love going there cause its a dollar for hot chocolate 🙂 Anyway, we were chatting and talking about stuff and as we were leaving, i felt my pockets for my wallet and it wasnt there. Reasoning with myself that i probably left it on the table when i changed my clothes midway through the day, i was prepared to drive off in the car when i had a huge feeling to go back and check the restaurant. I tried pushing the feeling away because we were going to be late for our next appointment and i have been frequently leaving my wallet in the apartment amidst in a rush to leave the house but the feeling came back even stronger, I decided to act on it. i pushed the car back into park and hopped out and told E Kunz i needed to go back and check to simply push that thought away from my mind.
We trooped back to Timmys and went to the corner where we sat, and lo and behold there sat my wallet on the floor. It slipped out of my pocket and fell through the chair. My eyes widened and I said a silent prayer of thanksgiving in my heart. The inconveniences of losing credit cards,  identification as well as money would have been difficult to handle.
On hindsight, it was sweet to see that someone was watching over me. the gut feelings that you get can’t just come from yourself, even after trying to mentally push it away, it still came back. Those feelings don’t come often but its often something to remember and cherish.
We also met up with C. He’s a member of less than a year. About a year ago, i interviewed him for baptism and he was sweet. Quickly after his baptism, things happened and he started turning into hard drugs and lots of alcohol, he also disappeared off the face of the earth, missionaries have bumped into him occasionally but he never stuck around enough. Recently though, we bumped into C and he recognised me as the one that interviewed him. Because of our previous association, we were able to meet up with him and he shared with us that he’s been down in the dumps and been in and out of jail. We gave him a BOM to read and he called us that night and said that he said everytime he flipped to a random page, the first thing that he saw was something he needed. He also said that for the first time in a year, he prayed and he felt something. We promised him that sometimes we do things that push ourselves away from God but he never gives up on us and is always reaching out to us. Something we said struck a chord with him because he started to change. He called his girlfriend of 2 years who did nothing good for him and broke up with her. He brought out his bottle of vodka and we watched as he poured it down the sink and rinsed the bottle. He also gave us his carkeys and told us to keep them because he was afraid that he would drive over to his girlfriends house and be persuaded not to breakup with her. He proceeded to crush his cigarettes and throw them away.
We shared with him about how there were so many things that he was doing right now but how no one, even God expects instant perfection but constant progression. I love that principle, to strive to be better today than you were yesterday. Its not easy but its so worth it. He knew that the breakup was gonna hurt for the next few days, weeks and even months but we promised him that one day he was going to wake up and realise that was the best thing that he ever did. In life, there’s always a story to our current state of being and we said that today was that day where things became better.
One of the things i’ll miss most is seeing people change on such a consistent basis. Being present when people have that spark in their eyes, that twinkle of realisation that they can change. ahhhh. good times.
Have a great week!!!
2 pictures of the district! 
We won the hammer for finding the most new investigators in the zone 🙂 
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