It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…………
I talk about it a lot but Canada’s weather fascinates me all the time. It snowed last saturday. It was as if the weather was like, yep, its November, winter is coming. Man, its changed so much since i got here 2 years ago. When i arrived in December 2012, the ground was still green and leaves were still on the trees. It feels like everything has been on fast forward since. Leaves are a smorgasbord of red and yellow and gold, everyone is out with rakes and leaf blowers and flakes of snow pepper the ground every so often. Ah, i love Fall. Its definitely the prettiest and most idealistic season all year round 🙂
There was enough snow on the ground for snowballs but i still could stick my tongue out and catch the first snowflake. We called one of the missionaries from Malaysia who’s never seen snow before just to see how she was liking it and her companion said that she couldn’t concentrate all studies as she was just staring out of the window 😀 I remember when I was a little kid and I saw snow for the first time on the fjords in Norway, I ran into my parents room screaming my head off.
It was a wonderful week though, we had the opportunity to minister to alot of the missionaries of whom we have stewardship over. Some have been going through distress and it was neat to have the opportunity to listen to them vent and just be there for them. Man! I love how the mission prepares you for life. We have so many opportunities to lift and inspire and it just hones you and makes you such a better individual.
There are very few opportunities where I’m able to see growth in myself but I had one of the rare moments this week when we bumped into a missionary of another faith. 2 years ago when I first came out, I ran into missionaries of that faith on the street and I clearly remember how contentious i was, wanting to prove them wrong through fancy words, belittlement, scoffing at their interpretation of life and basically tearing them to pieces but last week, I heard what he had to say and all i did was share my experiences and testify how it really helped me. There were no heated words, prideful comments or negative things said. And on hindsight, it felt really good. There’s too much contention in the world. Families are being torn apart by harsh words and actions, friendships are broken by arguments and pride and it’s unfortunate but it’s true. Ultimately, I feel if i didn’t learn anything on my mission, I’ve learnt to be a better person 🙂
It’s been such a fun 2 years!!! I’m really excited to see what I can learn in the last few weeks. I realised I’ve learnt something every single week and I really want to apply it as soon as i can.
Life’s so good. Have a exciting week! 😀
The mountain won the hammer!!
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