When we hug a little tighter, our hearts grow a little closer. 
We had a ridiculous zone council. Probably the best one I’ve ever attended or instructed on. It’s pretty fitting too because it was my last one.
Because the assistants didn’t give an instruction at mission leadership council we had the great opportunity to come up with our own instruction tailored to the missionaries in our zone. We decided to break all forms of social norms and give one that has never been done before. Instead of focusing on finding new people to teach or teaching skills we decided to instruct on reactivation and how to help inactive members come back to church.
Over the course of my 2 years, there has been a gargantuan focus on finding and teaching so we obviously had some doubts whether this was appropriate but I had the wonderful opportunity to view the hand of approval from on high because of coincidence that never really happens when you’re a missionary. SO! right after we finished our planning for the instruction. we had a call from S Morgan and Jensen (who are fabulous singers btw). They say they there was a sweet ysa investigator they found for us. we went right over and we talked to him and turned out he was a member but super less active! We applied our EXACT instruction that we just planned 5 minutes before, found out his concern and he committed to come to church. MAN. IT WAS SWEET
The instruction was received very well but we weren’t done. About a week prior to our meeting, we called up several recent converts from the area and invited them to come and speak to our missionaries. They bore POWERFUL testimonies about the sanctity of missionary work and how despite hard times befall us to never give up. “”Someone like you converted someone like me. Never ever surrender”.
If the missionaries weren’t moved, the last part of the meeting brought tears to everyone’s eyes. About a month ago. I emailed every single parent of the missionary in the zone and asked them to write a letter of encouragement and support without telling their son/daughter. its the thing you get at girls camp but they did it and we gave the missionaries the letters in sealed envelopes and we told them to go to a corner of the chapel to read it.
Its hard being on a mission. You talk to family and friends only once a week, sometimes people don’t even support you back home. you face rejection everyday and you have so many expectations and pressure to perform and you’re usually hated by everyone. With that as a backdrop, as the missionaries read their letters of support from home/people they are close to, it helped them regain an excitement and a sense of hope.
It’s meetings like this that make me so grateful for the opportunity to be a leader in the mission. i saw the joy and light in their eyes and it just made me so so happy. I didn’t benefit at all from this but i saw the joy and light in their eyes and it just made me so so happy and i dont mean this in a prideful way at all. I felt good that i made a difference in their mission life. 
MAN. 2012-2014 will forever hold a special place n my heart. 
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