In less than a week, I will return to Singapore and I will return to being a “regular” person. Honestly, i am terrified.
I have come to conclude that missionaries are all afraid to go home because home is what we used to be but we dont really have to go home. We can stay changed, we can be different from what we once were.
I had a friend once tell me that she hoped i didnt change after i came home. I said i wouldnt but i made an empty promise because i changed for the better. I know and have learnt so many things being out here. From independence to leadership to knowing who i am and who i can be
I have learnt that of all the things that the mission has taught me so far, i would say that love is the key to making life more meaningful. The love of God and the love of everyone are paramount in making decisions that affect our ultimate destiny. The love of our future family is absolutely necessary to happiness in the home and the love of your fellowmen brings peace and happiness in all other situations.
While i am still absurdly far away from an adequate understanding, my mission has taught me volumes about love. And while i’m sure it has something to do with the calling, there have been some previous sacred moments on my mission where I have been able to catch a glimpse of how the Savior sees a particular person. It’s those moments that have taught me that love transcends relationships. It’s more than a feeling or an emotion. It’s a virtue that flows from a loving God. We must choose to love, we have to pray to love and when we do, we will have moments where we can catch the smallest glimpse of how God loves his children and that glimpse will do more to help us understand the nature of God than any thousand talks or sermons the subject.

I love the words in Jacob and i’ll finish it with his words….wherefore, I conclude this record, declaring that I have written according to the best of my knowledge, by saying that the time passed away with us, and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream..

It truly has been.

Its all true. every single particle of it.
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