Its glorious


It’s been such a blessed week here in Hamilton. Despite how sketchy the place is, I’m still really enjoying myself. There are so many interesting people here that you can have a great conversation with.
This week we helped B demolish a deck on the patio. haha who knew demolition was super fun. we wielded sledgehammers and other fun toys to tear it apart.. He baked us a pumpkin pie after and he was hilarious. Being missionaries, out of courtesy, we eat everything and try to finish it even if it’s not the tastiest thing around and this was one of those times where the pie tasted really odd. We watched as he gave a slice to his Dad and looked on in horror as his Dad spat it out and told him it tasted terrible. As he told us the ingredients, we soon found out that he mistook Allspice for every single spice on his spice rack…i didnt know whether to laugh or cry. hahaha it was an interesting experience indeed, i never had bay leaves and dried parsley in my pumpkin pie before 😉
I had the wonderful opportunity to go back to Burlington! For the avid follower (mom&dad) haha, you’ll remember that i was there like exactly a year ago. It was nice going back and seeing some of the people again. I was talking to S Neil and at that time she wasn’t coming out to church at all, but since meeting with us and missionaries after, she has started to come back and it was awesome going back and seeing the chance in countenance and she had such a happy spirit about her. It was wonderful and such a great testimony.
As Hamilton is so close to the states, there have been alot of bustle about the new Meet The Mormons movie thats airing in the states. While i have not seen it yet, i heard so many cool things about it and David Archuleta recently released a super good single entitled Glorious. Check it out here!
There was another video that i watched
Its been a great week!!! Take care 🙂
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